How to delete Facebook account?


Clarke      February 8, 2020      335 Views

Want to permanently delete your Facebook account? Know steps

When it comes to deleting Facebook accounts most people think deactivation is equal to deleting. The reason is the majority of the people don’t know the difference between deactivation and delete. In this description, we will cover essential Facebook Support steps to delete a Facebook account, and how deletion differs from deactivation.

Steps to delete Facebook  account:

  • Just open your device and search for how to delete Facebook account? The first link of the search results will lead you to the Help page of Facebook.
  • After getting land on the help center page logged in your Facebook account
  • While logging in, visit the account menu you can visit there by clicking the down arrow feature.
  • After clicking the “down arrow” icon various functions pop in front of your device screen. One of them is going to be the option of download information.
  • Click on the download information function this will download all your Facebook data in your device. All your moments, memories, chats you have done with your friends and relatives will get saved in your respective device.
  • After you have done all this at the bottom right side you will see the option of delete. Click it but think twice before clicking it because once you click it your Facebook account will attain salvation.

Understanding Deactivation

The deactivation is the condition where your account gets temporarily suspended. Yes, you might not be able to access your account but in the future whenever you want to rejoin facebook you can reactivate your old account. It is like the hibernation process followed by the animals in the forest. Due to this many people get the misunderstanding that they had deleted their account.

Well, in case you have decided to permanently get rid of your Facebook account. Think again because getting rid of the account also means losing all the data, information memories you have created in these years. You cannot retrieve your old images, stories, status, etc. Therefore, we advise that you download all this data and information before proceeding with the permanent suspension.


By understanding the above-mentioned points you get the knack of  how to delete Facebook account? Our advice is that it is good to not think of this option no matter how you bore or frustrate you feel by having a Facebook account but it is still not less than your contact list. We understand you don’t want to waste precious time by engaging online via Facebook, it is a distraction for many people. Still keep this fact in your mind that old Facebook account “is a cave of treasure” the treasure of your old friends, grandmother, father, etc. Stored in it. So, deactivate is a better option cutting off from Facebook rather than permanently deleting it.

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