How To Connect Hp Printer To Wifi?


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Printers play a significant role in our life today whether you are a professional person or a normal performing task. Today the technology has gone too far by establishing digital devices that come out compact and easy to use. The quality has also immensely changed for many years and every time we come up with new upgraded devices in the market. As for printers, HP Printers have created a boom in the market for its comfort, compact and easy to use technology. All you need to have their drivers installation and connectivity to network and interfacing with your computer system. Today, our write up will be on How To Connect Hp Printer To Wifi.

Major Steps To Connect Hp Printer To Wifi Automatically

Follow the steps properly and you’ll come up with the completion of the connectivity. The printer will be ready to print pages firmly and with ease. After many attempts, if you are still not successful then you can also look for solutions online. While you give the command to the device make sure you have placed the document properly in the input tray and also check the HP Printer Cartridge.

  • Make sure your computer and network are compatible
  • Search for your printer’s software
  • Double click the software file
  • Turn on your printer
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and reach the network section
  • Select network ( ethernet or wireless )
  • Now press “yes” to send my wireless setting to the printer
  • Wait for all printer to connect
  • Finish the setup process

Steps To Connect HP Printer To Wifi Manually?

  • Make sure your HP Printer is installed on your computer system
  • Turn on your printer
  • Activate the touch screen if necessary
  • Select set up
  • choose network
  • Select wireless network wizard
  • Choose your network name
  • Enter your network’s password
  • Select done
  • Select ok when prompted


Hp Printers can be connected manually for which make sure you follow the steps properly to carry out the printing of the document. To manually you have to look for the steps one by one. After you have completed the task and start printing, then make sure you place the input tray properly and the ink cartridge is also there in a proper way. Also, the ink quality should be good for quality printing.

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