How do I log into the Cash app without a phone number


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Are you pondering for how do I log into the Cash app without a phone number? Well, does have. Here you will get many options that help you to log in to your Cash app account without having a phone number. But, for this, you have to read this full article.

To use a Cash app, first of all, you must have an account. If yet not, then create a new one. First of all, open Cash app on your mobile phone or open on your desktop. Now, you need to click on the sign up option. Next, you will get that you have to enter an email address or mobile number to get a confirmation code.

Now, you must enter this confirmation code that you receive by email or text. Thereafter, you will get a new window, where you have to fill all the details which are necessary. So, fill your username, DOB (you must be 18), contact mobile number, contact email address, entry PIN, address, touch ID, facial ID, bank account details, etc.

Now, tap on the sign-in option and fill the user’s credentials and hit the log in button to log into the Cash app. And, now,  you are ready to use your account. Make sure, never share any details of your account with anyone.

Steps to log into the Cash app without a phone number:-

Here, we mentioned few steps to log in to your Cash App account, if you don’t have a phone number. Go with the below guidelines:

  • First, you need to click on your profile from the home screen.
  • Next, select Something Else from the main menu.
  • Now, enter any missing mobile number or email address.

Conclusion:-  In this post, we talk about how do I log into the Cash app without a phone number. If you have any doubts, then contact our support team.

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