How do I get my money back from Cash App?


Clarke      May 9, 2020      1144 Views

Digitalization has marked its footprint in every sector so as in the banking sector also. It provides us with ease to do any work without the help of human resources, and the same goes for the banking sector. In earlier times, we used to go to banks for transferring money to other bank account but nowadays you can transfer it easily with few swipes on online applications. Cash app is one of those applications that provide us the facility of money transfer through the connected bank account. This app is so easy to use that even a child can use it with no effort.

The Cash app is better known for the instant settlement of money in a bank account. It is easy to send money in the Cash app and equally easy to refund back the received amount. You can send the money back from Cash app to your friend’s bank account that you have borrowed a month ago. If you want to refund back the money then you can do it easily with the Cash app. Also, your friend can send you a request to refund back the amount. You have to follow only 5 simple steps and your money will be refunded back.

You have to follow these simple steps to send back the money from Cash app:

  • First you have to tap on the “Activity” tab available on your Cash App home screen.
  • Select the payment that you want to refund.
  • Tap on the transaction
  • Select “Refund”
  • Click “OK” and the amount will be refunded back.

This amount will be refunded back to the source’s bank account. If you want to send it to a different account then you have to start a fresh transaction. However, the same goes for vice versa with you. If you have sent the money mistakenly to the wrong person or on the wrong number, then you can request for an instant refund in the Cash app. Further, it depends on the person whether he will refund you on the same link or do a fresh transaction. If you are thinking that whether I will get my money back from Cash app or not. Then be assured that this method is reliable and every person can take advantage of it.

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