Call Google phone number for Google Pixel issues? Use our simple steps


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Google pixel is one of the most revered brands in the mobile phone industry. The phone has a huge customer base as it appeals to everyone because of its powerful features. The device is a high performance machine that is capable of performing multiple actions. However, if you come across a trouble, then before you call Google phone number for assistance, get us.

We are known to provide assistance in a manner that is easily comprehensible to everyone. You don’t need to have a sound tech background if you wanna perform troubleshooting. All you gotta do is to follow the steps and even a layman will be able to fix the issue then.

Take a look at some of the common problems and troubleshooting solutions that you might face while operating Google Pixel.

Google phone number for resolving Google Pixel button issue? Use steps

When it comes to one of the most sophisticated and high performance mobiles, then Google Pixel stands apart. It’s the phone that is known to create ripples in the market because of its looks and features. But like all phones, it’s too prone to vulnerabilities in the form of errors.

To cater to the tech problems faced by you while operating the device, we have a set of highly effective troubleshooting solutions. These solutions are primarily crafted to nip the problem in the bud. Therefore, if you’re facing an error, then you don’t need to call Google number, just reach us.

Take a gander at the troubleshooting steps for removing the device’s button issue.

  • Back up the data and do a Factory reset for a complete overhaul
    • Navigate to your device’s Settings
    • Then, scroll to System
    • Tap on the option that says Advanced
    • Then proceed to talo on Reset option
    • Tap on Erase all data or a factory reset
    • Go on to Reset the phone
    • Finally, proceed to erase everything
  • Try rebooting your device to resolve the issue

These are the robust troubleshooting steps that can be applied to resolve the issues.

Unable to set screen lock on your phone? Check out the steps below

When it comes to security of the phone, then it’s always held paramount by Google Pixel. But if you’re experiencing trouble while setting the password, then instead of calling phone number at Google, reach us. We’ll give you practical steps, so that you don’t have to ask if Google have a phone number. All you have to do to get solutions is to look at the steps below.

  • Activate the Settings of your phone
  • Then proceed to tap on Security
  • Pick the kind of screen lock that you prefer
  • Choose the option of the screen lock that you’d like to use

These are some of the steps to help you to enable screen lock on your device. Therefore, you needn’t get a free Google phone number to cater to your support needs. Instead use our solutions. However, if you feel that you’re not satisfied, then as a last resort use Google phone number. But implement the steps provided by us before.

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