How to activate Cash app card


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Cash app is mobile banking that offers you to make a hassle-free transaction. In this technology world, people get more dependent on Cash app to make a payment from anywhere anytime as well as manage all the finance from home.

Here you can get a virtual Visa debit card which is also known as Cash card. You can use this card to purchase goods from retailers and spend your cash app balance that accepts Visa. Apart from this, you can use his Cash card to withdraw money from the ATM. But, make sure you have need to Cash app card activation.

Steps to request a Cash app card:-

  1. You should unlock your mobile phone (Android or iOS) and then open Cash app.
  2. Now, you must press on the Cash Card icon which is located at the left bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to tap on the Order (in green color) tab.
  4. From the next page, you must select the card color, as of now black or white.
  5. And then, tap on the Continue
  6. Now, select whether or not you want to appear $Cashatg at front of your Cash card. Press the toggle for Yes or No.
  7. From the same screen, you have to add a signature or drawing to the front of your card via tapping on the Tap to Customize.
  8. Now, from the next page, you have to enter your email address where you want this card mailed. And then, click on the Next button to confirm.
  9. From the same page, enter your first and last name that you want to appear on your card. And then click on Next.
  10. Now, enter your date of birth. Make sure, you should be 18.
  11. And last, enter your last four digits of SSN here and click on Next.
  12. Now, a pop-up message shows to you that confirm your request has to send successfully. So, click on Continue.
  13. Now, you will be reached on the page which is called Add funds. From here, you can add funds to your Cash card.

Steps for Cash app card activation:-

Once you receive your Cash card, then you have need of Cash app card active to make a transaction. So, go with the below steps:

  1. Unlock your mobile phone and open Cash app.
  2. Now, click on the Cash card icon from the home screen which is at the left bottom of the screen.
  3. Then, click on the Activate Cash Card
  4. Now, the application will ask you to use the Camera to focus on the QR
  5. Once you line up the camera with the QR code, then you are ready to use it.


In the above steps, we deliver the process to activate Cash app card or you can say Cash app card activation. Once, Cash app card active, then you can use it for retailers or withdraw money from ATM. If you have any doubts, then make a call to us.

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